Tax services

Flynth can help from tax filing to tax planning.

Tax services
Having a legal representative or a permanent establishment in the Netherlands gives rise to obligations in terms of taxation. However, the situation must not necessarily be complicated. Simply decide to work with Flynth! Our team includes tax advisors who will help you to deal with all tax issues and matters.


Tax regulations in the Netherlands

We are experienced in providing tax comfort by implementing your international tax control frame work. Amongst our services, we assist you with global employment matters (e.g. 30% scheme, 101/ A1 declarations), with international structuring of the business value chain, with transfer pricing obligations, and – opportunities. We handle your daily CIT and VAT matters and assist with tax authorities audits

VAT rules

The VAT rules in the Netherlands seem so much simpler than they actually are. International activities in particular raise complex issues. In which situations do which VAT rules apply? In which country do you, as a foreign entrepreneur, pay VAT? And what are the rules for an international webshop, for example? How does the refund of foreign VAT work? Avoid unpleasant surprises and get proper advice on VAT issues. 

Optimize your tax benefits

Dutch tax system and its tax treaty network provide for an optimal tax environment to optimize tax benefits. Being part of the European Union and having an ease and open communication with the tax authorities arrange for tax comfort. Please contact our tax advisers for more information on tax related topics. They are looking forward to assist you.