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International business

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Are you already operating on the Dutch market or are you targeting the Netherland for international expansion? Do you have cross border employees working on projects in the Netherlands or instead outside the Netherlands? Would you expand your current activities in the Netherlands and consider the setting up of a company? We would gladly get to know and assist you with your questions.

You are faced with the challenge of maintaining a payroll accounting system that complies with Dutch legislation and regulations. And when it comes to dealing with tax matters and setting up an accounting system, you need additional expertise for your legal representation and business affairs in the Netherlands. 

Consultants and auditors

Flynth has been in business for almost a century. We help your business to reach its full potential. By providing accurate financial insights, a pro-active approach, and an open way of communication, we can assist you with planning and realizing your long-term business success. 

Having over 2,000 high skilled colleagues and 60 office locations around the Netherlands, Flynth is the largest tax consulting and auditing firm for SME’s in the Netherlands. Besides being the expert in tax and accounting, Flynth has well trained professionals in various financial fields, such as mergers & acquisitions, energy transition projects, regional development projects and local and EU subsidy’s.

Our experts are trained in different languages, providing you quick and easy access to your Flynth contact.

Flynth long time experience of the global market has already provided many business companies with an unique opportunity to expand their business.