We aim to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible




Do you have a complaint about us? Please let us know straight away, and we will provide a proper solution as soon as possible!

Our complaints procedure in 7 steps:

  1. You file your complaint to Flynth orally, in writing or by filling out the complaint form. Include in any event your name, client number, telephone number and/or email address, the name of the Flynth employee concerned, the date and details of the complaint.
  2. Flynth sends you a confirmation letter or email within five working days. The confirmation will also state the name of your contact. They are not involved in the complaint or the employee who is the subject of the complaint.
  3. Flynth takes up the complaint. If we do not take up the complaint, we will let you know within 15 working days, stating reasons.
  4. We give the employee who is the subject of the complaint an opportunity to give their side of the story. You may also explain your complaint again. Notes will be taken of the statements made.
  5. We process the complaint within 15 working days if possible. This may be postponed if we do not have sufficient information yet. You will be notified in writing.
  6. Your contact writes a reasoned response to the complaint and sends it to you.
  7. Complaint resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.



Complaint form