About Flynth

In business for almost one hundred years

About Flynth

Flynth has been in business for almost a century. We help your business to reach its full potential. By providing accurate financial insights, a pro-active approach, and an open way of communication, we can assist you with planning and realizing your long-term business success. 

Having over 2,000 high skilled colleagues and 60 office locations around the Netherlands, Flynth is the largest tax consulting and auditing firm for SME’s in the Netherlands. Besides being the expert in tax and accounting, Flynth has well trained professionals in various financial fields, such as mergers & acquisitions, energy transition projects, regional development projects and local and EU subsidy’s.

Our experts are trained in different languages, providing you quick and easy access to your Flynth contact.

Flynth long time experience of the global market has already provided many business companies with an unique opportunity to expand their business.

Flynth member of BKR International

We are a member of BKR International, an international accounting association that provides us with a network of accountants and advisers including over one hundred and fifty members in eighty countries.

Locating your business in the Netherlands

The Netherlands are one of the European leading economies. Strong elements of the Dutch market are leading sectors which include agriculture and agri-food research, creative industries, chemicals, energy and high-tech systems and materials. Combined with an internationally focused economy, well skilled financial sector and an ease and open communication with the tax authorities, the Netherlands are your gateway to EU’s massive consumer market of hundreds of millions customers

About Flynth

Flynth advisers are always on hand. They show personal involvement, offer expert advice, demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit and have a keen eye for innovation. Our cooperative backbone is supported by our shared values of service, teamwork, responsibility, diversity, integrity and helps guide our behaviors and decisions, inspires us to lead in sustainable growth and defines what it means to be a responsible corporate citizen. By being who we are, we can help you grow your company, with a focus on the future.